What RESILIENCE Actually Means And How It Will Change Your Life Forever

What Resilience actually means

I wake in the morning, with the sensation of anxiety creeping over me. The morning light is beautiful, but I haven’t yet noticed its gifts. I’m too busy fretting over all the things I must achieve today. Dread overcomes me as I tell myself I don’t have what it takes to achieve these things. How do I do remarkable work when I don’t feel remarkable?

The situation I just described is a common experience for so many of us. Life’s demands are upon us, and there is no way to escape them in our fast-paced, insistent working world.

In 2017, the World Health Organization announced depression was the “leading cause of disability around the world”. But this doesn’t mean it’s something we should accept as our norm – what it means is that all of us are running on empty. We’re all missing something; an ancient, deep, core necessity, that isn’t being met. To avoid a world of burnt out, broken people, we need to do something about this and fast. Enter… resilience.

What is resilience and why do we need it?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, resilience is:

the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened

Resilience is like the pillar that holds us up when the winds of chaos and change are trying to knock us down. It’s the thing that can make us return to our state of happiness, fulfilment, and success. It’s vital. And yet, so many of us are unaware of the role it can play in our success.

Let’s address resilience in the workplace for a minute.


Every engine needs fuel to move, oil to function properly, and every mechanism plays a vital role in making it run as it should. Your organisation is like a machine, too. You need every team member to perform as they should, to give 100 percent effort, and to be oiled up with passion. Your people need to be thriving so you can have a thriving, healthy business.

Resilience is the mechanism that will make sure you are capable, strong, and equipped enough to embrace and fulfil your roles. It enables happiness, makes space for meaning, and prepares us for the fall so we can get up again strong.

What does it mean to live a resilient life?

There’s something different about people that actively grow their resilience. It’s not like they have a specific character type, but rather, they have a specific behaviour. They respond differently to the things life throws at them. Often you’ll find they…

Have strong, healthy connections to their networks, both immediate and distant

Embrace accountability in their life and daily environments

Maintain a consistent forward-motion, refusing to become stuck in unwanted places or situations

Embrace a broadened perspective that continuously grows in knowledge and understanding


Utilise the natural resources around them that bring peace, energy, restoration, and health

When faced with conflict, they prepare well-thought-out responses before they react

Choose the road to meaning and purpose over the easy or expected one.

Have a solid grounding in their identity, their values, and their purpose in this life, which drives their choices and actions

When you read this, you might feel completely daunted. You may even believe that this is far too much for you to achieve on your own. It can feel overwhelming if you don’t know the steps to take.

So how do you make resilience a partner in your journey? It may surprise you – but it’s not as hard as it seems.

There is something powerful about a collective of people that unite in shared energy, vision, and culture. Imagine your work team arriving in the morning with stars in their eyes, energy bursting from them, and all the enthusiasm in the world to do their best. How much more successful might their day be? Resilience is equally important in your personal life as it is in your work life. You need resilience for all sides of life to be balanced and healthy; after all, both personal and work life call for a contribution of yourself.

Mustering up resilience doesn’t have to be hard. And it won’t be – if you have a guided process to take you there.

Resilience In A Box - The Little Box Of Big Change

CAFE Life is a seasoned business that has worked for countless organisations and individuals for 15 years. And we’ve taken all the knowledge that we’ve attained and placed it into our most recent product: Resilience In A Box. Tailor-made to guide you into a place where resilience thrives in your life.

We’ve made this easy for you and created 80 cards, with each being dedicated to a specific focus point around these 5 key aspects. Because of its easy-to-read format and guided index, it can be engaged in any way you need. Whether it be as a morning booster, after a specific moment where you need more guidance, or to prepare for something to come. It’s the perfect tool to use individually, and in team environments where a collective building of resilience is needed.

Start your journey towards resilience

 Here are 5 practices that CAFE Life suggests you use to start your journey to resilience. And you only have to spend 5 – 10 minutes a day on each of them to feel a difference.

The tips in the above link are a little taster of the information you can expect to find in our Resilience In A Box. We’ve wanted to share this gift with the world for 2 years now, and the time has finally come. This little box is bringing some big change to you, your family, and your work life.

Don't Hesitate.

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