Team Effectiveness

"Let CAFE Life get to know your team well and tailor make a solution to suit their needs best. That will lead to the success of the engagement."

- Shaun Collyer

How we activate team effectiveness

Trust & Resourcefulness

Assumptions and defaults are challenged whilst we build trust and invite fresh innovation to the table.

Values & Behaviours

Values and behaviours will be solidified and activated as the heartbeat of your organisation.

Alignment & Cohesiveness

Expectations and standards are aligned through boundaries and team cohesiveness.

Developing Strong, Clear Strategy

To be effective, you need a sturdy strategy that will maximize impact.

Why is team effectiveness so important?

People want meaningful work. And they want meaningful relationships at work, too. To accomplish this, the team needs to be both supportive and achieving.

Your team only becomes effective when they are in an environment that allows them to thrive. This means you must create a space that allows for trust, innovation, vulnerability, and even failure, so that each individual within your organisation is able to grow and live into their potential.

Business people working together in the office

A thriving team = a thriving business.

We know that values and meaning look different for every organisation. That’s why we make our facilitations bespoke, so that no matter the circumstance, you’ll feel the impact. 

The goal of this process is to create team members who are engaged, add value to your organisation, and support their team.  

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