About Us

Our mission is to support your team by providing practical, relevant and impactful facilitations that help you THRIVE.

What We Do For You

CAFE Life was born with the linchpin of facilitation. But not the usual type - the beautiful art of facilitation that uses the power of storytelling and the philosophy of creating psychologically safe environments for everyone.

We provide digital and in-person facilitated engagements, coaching, and resources that target 3 key focus areas: change management, healthy workplace culture, and team effectiveness.

But you cannot achieve these things  without intentionally connecting to the individuals inside your team. That is why we aim for each of our engagements to be fresh and innovative. We create a space that ignites change through connection, learning, and empowerment.

Today’s success is short-lived. Future relevance demands a constant sharpening, or changing, of the pencil. Organisations need to be responsive, connective, and fully engaged with their people through these turbulent yet opportunistic waters.

Our aim is to support businesses within both the turbulence and opportunity of our modern world, helping you create environments that foster initiative, inspiration, and proactive resolve.


Our Core Values

  • Always The Student

    We seek to have a ‘growth mindset’. We're always studying, experimenting, learning, unlearning, and relearning so we can remain relevant in our fast moving world, sharing what we learn with others.

  • Fresh & Innovative

    The person with the most ideas at their disposal is more likely to succeed. We challenge ourselves to be fresh and innovative, where learning is playful, and people are never disinterested.

  • Healing & Hope

    If our work is not creating a positive impact on others, then we are not achieving our mission. We strive to help build a community of organisations that have thriving, happy, healthy teams.

  • Vulnerability

    Know that there can't be genuine change without vulnerability. That's why we prioritize vulnerability as a key ingredient within the recipe for healthy communication and strong connections and always prioritize creating safety within our workshops and processes.

Our Story

Meet The Team

Mike Ivey

CEO Of CAFE Life | Facilitator | Trainer | Resilience Coach | Business Coach | Team Builder | Speaker | Lumina Spark Coach

Mandy Ivey

Facilitator | Business coach | NLP & Life Coach | Women & Lifestyle | CEO of Sivala Isikhala NPO

Gabriella Leigh

Facilitator | Business coach | NLP & Life coach | SPEAKER | Women & Lifestyle | Content Creation

We are the change, culture, and effectiveness specialists.

We do the hard work, the research, and the long hours all so that you don’t have to. By letting us into your workplace you can continue to do what you do best, while we enable a space for transformation and growth.


So why don’t you get in touch with us today and find out how we can empower your team and take you to new heights?

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