Resources For Resilience: Why You Need Them In Your Life

There’s one word that’s taken on a new meaning for me lately: resources. 

As humans, we need resources to help us get unstuck, thrive, and live with meaning and purpose. 

Think of a book that you have read, or perhaps listened to, that was impactful. Do you remember the parts that stood out? Those places that brought a moment of joy and discovery, where (assuming you’re like me), you scribbled down something like ‘NB NB NB –This is SO GOOD – WOW’. 

I often return to books, especially those that fit into the status of ‘impactful’. When I do, I am equally amazed and frustrated at how much I’ve forgotten. The story or quote that was unforgettable, that was marked as important, somehow blurred into vagueness. I ponder, ‘how could I have forgotten that?’ 

Resources Come In An Abundance Of Forms.

Some examples of resources is knowledge, energy, connections, and material mean. When we gather resources, they become like a well-equipped tool box. You can pick and choose which you need at that given moment, to help you through problems or to leverage opportunities.
If you have the right resources, you’ve got a better chance of transcending challenges.

Resources And Resilience: Why You Need them In Your Life

Getting back to the scribbled pages on my book. A resource is only valuable if you know you have it. “To know and not to do, is the same as not to know.” The most powerful messages in a book are useless if you don’t know they are there.

You need to make resources accessible, easy to retain, and within reach. Something that can be used at any moment, and easily passed on to another in need. Likewise, you need resources that enable strong connections with others, accountability in life, forward motion, broader perspectives, and spark our energy.

In 2017 the World Health Organisation declared depression as the leading cause of disability in the world. This alarming statistic is rather understandable when you realise that the majority of us are experiencing regular moments of worry and stress.

What's Causing This?

Our world is continually changing. It has an insatiable appetite for innovation. Unprecedented challenges are knocking at our doors. To navigate these uncertainties and adapt successfully, we need to learn, unlearn, and relearn. We need to place a premium on being equipped. Our toolbox needs to have an array of usable resources. 


Resilience is an incredibly powerful practice, with many resources interlinked into it. Resilience is a muscle we develop. The muscle develops through doing and practicing, and not in theoretical spaces. Our physical muscles need things like a gym, weights, bicycles, and other equipment or programs to build and develop them. Just like this, to build your resilience you need clear and attainable practices. 

Resilience In A Box

And That's Exactly Why We Created Resilience In A Box.

Resilience in a Box provides these practices. The practices are aimed at growing our resilience so that we can walk with a strong 21st-century ‘posture’, no matter what we face. Each of the 80 cards in this box are a resource for resilience. They contain a principle, a practice, and examples through storytelling that supports the ‘touch and feel’ of the principle. The resources allow for sharing, enabling each of us to be a support to our family or team members, by simply passing on the card. 

That’s why we created Resilience in a Box. That’s why this box is transformational and life-changing. 

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