Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Healthier – And This Is How

Yesterday we released a podcast that highlighted gratitude as a major mood lifting ‘medicine’.  Now, we’re going deeper. Because gratitude isn’t only a mood lifter. Practicing gratitude regularly will actually make you healthier. And this is how.


Practicing gratitude makes you healthier and this is how

It’s largely debated whether gratitude is a virtue, behavior or a value. But It’s also most widely known as “The mother of all virtues”. This is because gratitude has been said to trigger the growth of other virtues like patience, humility and wisdom. So in other words, if you’ve got gratitude, you’re starting at a good place for encouraging mental wellness.

Gratitude is actually a well-researched and deeply evaluated aspect of our human nature. Animals as diverse as birds and bats have been acknowledged to extend a nature of generosity and gratitude.

Studies have found that gratitude improves health in numerous areas of life...

Practicing Gratitude will make you healthier, and this is how

Gratitude slaps negativity in the face.

One study was done on the effects of writing gratitude letters. It suggests that writing about our gratitude shifts our attention away from toxic negative emotions, and towards the good ones. Interestingly, it’s the lack of negative words, not the amount of good ones, that do the trick.

So when we practice daily expression of gratitude, it quenches the bad vibes. It’s not necessarily the act of sending a gratitude letter, but the act of writing it that helps. So make a list, keep a journal, make a letter, say it out loud…do whatever you need to do to feel those grateful feelings. 

Practicing Gratitude will make you healthier, and this is how

It’s the glue that strengthens relationships.

Gratitude within relationships shows that you’ve seen what another does for you, it encourages them to do it again. And it encourages them to be grateful of you, too. In the words of researchers, it creates the “find, remind, bind” effect.
“Find” – it points towards good future relationship candidates.
“Remind” – it reminds people of the goodness of their current relationships.
“Bind” – it binds relationships through appreciation, which strengthens it. 


Gratitude could benefit your physical health.

More research still needs to be done on this. However the research that has been done, is pointing towards this. Our emotions and bodies are interlaced through an infinite loop. So gratitude is said to help us sleep better, reduce inflammation, stress, and even improve cardiovascular health. The question is, does gratitude promote good health or does good health promote gratitude? 

It can take time for the benefits to show...which is a good thing.

According to the Greater Good Science Center
“These results are encouraging because many other studies suggest that the mental health benefits of positive activities often decrease rather than increase over time afterward.”

If you want to see the science behind gratitude, definitely read GGSC’s article, it’s very detailed. It’s  also got a number of gratitude questionnaires and exercises you can try if you’re curious.

There's so many ways to cultivate gratitude in your day.

you’ve got options in terms of how you want to get this practice you’re your life. From gratitude letters to journals, to meditation, the choice is lavish. Check out Harvards Health Publishing for some nice ideas.


My friends, don’t forget the power of gratitude. Go as far as finding a sentimental item and dedicating it as a symbol of gratitude, so that whenever you see it , it reminds you to be grateful for what you have. Use this medicine, as it means we never take what we have for granted, we live more in the moment, embracing here and now, regardless of the hardship, pushing through and pushing into resilience , focusing on what we have and what truly matters. 

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