Whose dance have you joined?

A few months ago on our podcast #24, we spoke about the question “What good movement are you creating”which we also discuss in our book – How The Question Changes EverythingIn this question we talk about how this world provides us with a lot of opportunity to start something. Some good movement or dance, per say, that has positive consequences on the world around us. 

Our question this week is not far off from that and yet, it is observing the other side of this great and complex ponder: learning how to follow the dance.

A while ago I came across a video clip of this guy dancing on a hill, having a good time, clearly carefree. He was using large, flamboyant movements. Almost completely silly and quite humorous.

Soon a second guy joins him and you hear a commentator quite brilliantly say, “Here comes the first follower … the first follower transformed the lone nut into a leader.”  
Up until now, that guy was simply a ‘lone nut’. But as soon as another joined him, a movement was created. In less than 3 minutes, over 100 people had joined their dance.

The principle being brought forward in this clip is so beautiful: Sometimes we don't need to start the dance, we need to join the dance.

There are some contemplative truths bound to this insight:

1. Sometimes we need to be geniuses, and sometimes we need to be genius makers.

There is so much weight revolved around being a good leader – and not nearly enough around being a good follower. 
Take a job interview, for example. Have you ever been asked if you know how to follow? Now we don’t want to be following blindly like sheep – of course not. But following something you believe in – that is powerful.


2. We have more influence than we realise – when we follow someone we create a ripple effect and others might decide to follow as well.

As Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his book Tipping Point, if you take a really good idea, trend, or movement, it only becomes successful because enough people join it. Do you realis
e how much influence you have in joining something good? You could become a part of a brilliant and world changing epidemic.

3. We don’t have to be the main person or ‘big shot’ in every thing we do

This question challenges us to focus on principles of humility, abundance, community and support – and not on you being the main guy.  Now sometimes, maybe I am the main guy and I need others to join my dance. And yet many times it is I that needs to join another’s dance, where one is not worried about who gets the credit, but more about the movement itself. As Harry S Truman says, 

"It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who is getting the credit."


Where is the dance you need to join?
Who’s dance do you need to join?
Where do you need to devote time, energy or resources to a beautiful dance that you want to be a part of?

It can be a most freeing thing to join somebody who’s already doing something great. Joining others in their dance can bring about great joy, relief and freedom as we say to ourselves,  we don’t need to start something new here – we just need to add to that which is already created.



– Gabriella Ivey

2 replies on “Whose dance have you joined?”

This is awesome. It is so true too how often we forget to support others that are doing good things because we are so focused on our dance.

Hi Gigi, thanks for your comment.

Indeed , it is true. Sometimes we simply need a gentle reminder to turn towards these questions.
Glad you enjoyed our blog post!

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