Who are the unknown soldiers?

This question is definitely a perspective question. It challenges us to notice the value of others who play a part in our intimate worlds. For many of us we possess great conveniences, and the only reason we have them is because of many others around us.

We’ve walked an interesting journey with our blogs and podcasts. We’ve asked many questions revolved around the resolve and growth of our personal selves. But to acknowledge these aspects in another, is truly a powerful revelation.

So, what exactly do we mean by this question?

Here’s some good examples:

who are the unknown soldiers?
A tiny task can have a huge effect on the final outcome.

here’s a fun exercise. The next time you’re on a plane, take a moment to think on how many people would be involved in the running of this plane. The people making sure this flight leaves safely and promptly and arrives successfully at it’s destination. There are so many unknown soldiers involved!


We have moved out of the generation who knows their local baker by name – far too many people are involved in everything. It makes us more prone to forgetting all the people and their time and effort they put into making this available for us.

There's a primary principle here:

 Whatever convenience, success and achievement you and I have, is probably thanks to the host of unknown soldiers that made that possible. And if we were to reflect on this and possibly express a sense of gratitude, it might just readjust our perception a little.    

We are all perhaps prone to over looking the unknown soldiers involved in our lives. It’s so easy to feel that it all revolves around our actions and us, because this is our predominant point of view for everything. When we begin to appreciate the unknown soldiers we begin to apply an antidote towards our selfishness.

There is a term called Responsibility Bias, which refers to when someone is too close to their own sacrifices and fails to notice the sacrifices of another.

Perhaps we could find some time to tribute towards the acknowledgement of our unknown soldiers, and the beautiful notion: I am able to be great, because you have played a part. 


Gratitude is powerful. 

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