Where are my signs of self-deception?

Here’s another one of our knee-jerking questions to really get you thinking. I know for myself, my initial reaction to a question like this would be a quick skim over my mind, probably resulting in an apparent green light with no self-deception found.
But, the reality is that for each of us right here right now, wherever we are, we are probably being self-deceived in some area of our life. 

Perhaps a gentler word to use would be one of blind spots.
Self-deception, or blind spots, ultimately happen because we aren’t able to see situations through everyone’s eyes, so our first viewpoint of everything is through our eyes, from our side. 

where are my signs of self-deception?

The Arbinger Institute defines self-deception, as “the state of not knowing and resisting that there is a problem, while one may be the problem itself.”

In their brilliant book titled Leadership and Self Deception, they provide a great example by taking us back 200 odd years ago.

Self-deception may materialise itself like this:

What are some steps to take to lessen self-deception?



I love the Window & Mirror principle from Jim Collins book, Good to Great: here leaders are encouraged to acknowledge others when things are going well and to look in the mirror when things are going wrong. 

Where are my signs of self-deception?

Encourage dialogue in your work place. Dialogue is the free flow of conversation, where we allow everyone to speak up. Dialogue is where we’re actually okay with the descending voice, because this voice may open up revelations.
Organisations that create the space for people to talk are less likely to walk in the way of self-deception. 

Don’t walk away from this blog feeling self-condemned. As I said, self-deception is in all of us and we all fall victim to it – that’s okay. Rather, use this as a starting point in actively engaging with your personality and asking some juicy questions that could reveal to you in which areas you’ve been living with blind spots.

I hope this blog has been as revelational for you, as it has for me

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