When To Ditch Your Convenient Distractions

This is definitely a soul searching question with the potential to be hard hitting. But it’s a very important one.
It’s important because we live in a world where distractions are everywhere. And very tempting.

Here's some you might recognize...

When to ditch convenient distractions

We know these distractions are there. And they cross our paths pretty much every day.

And then you start to wonder about the connection between this, and the feeling of not having a productive day. Now we can’t forget that life does throw us it’s occasional curve ball, that also contributes. And it’s always a good idea to prepare your to-do-list with priorities scheduled for first thing in the morning. 

But, alas. We cannot deny that distractions, too, keep us from focusing, and therefore, from completing. 

But a lot of the time, they’re actually …soothing. Pleasing. Invited. That’s because they serve something.

This is where the distraction becomes convenient.

3 conveniences your distractions could be serving...

* They prevent us from acknowledging pain. A good example of what distraction could do this, is busyness. If we are constantly busy, we won’t need to process or go deeper into it and become vulnerable.

And yet to heal and move forward, we must first feel, acknowledge and digest the pain.


* They help us look good. Have you noticed that business elevates our importance? Stokes the ego, so to say. We definitely praise the oke who works till early hours of the morning, losing sleep or family time to the task. I realise that we’re generalising here. But this is still a dangerous, yet socially accepted practice of our time.

And yet without being able to turn away from work – or our distractions – we can’t add value to anything else.

* They give an excuse not to engage. A big culprit for this is our phone. It means I can be with you, but not have any real interest or focus in what you’re saying. Have you heard of Phubbing? It’s a term coined to the act of snubbing someone you’re with in person, in favour of your phone.

And yet when we do this, we miss out on the connection we could be creating with the person right next to us.

start right now, by doing these things:

  1.  Put your phone away when talking to, and being with, others. When you put your phone away and express why, you invite another to do the same.

  2. Become comfortable with boredom – this is the space that creativity comes from.

  3. When you’re with a person, BE with the person – look at them, listen intentionally, and give total focus. Your connection will sky-rocket.

  4. Once you start the task, finish the task. Even if it’s a tough, long-winded one, be with it until it’s complete.

  5. Set strict social media times to control the amount of time you spend on your phone. Commit to it.

  6. Identify areas in your life that need some digestion and healing. Seek help if you need it. We all need to move through our pain, so we can move forward.

    Take small steps towards shrinking your convenient distractions, but stick to them. And in time, you’ll see some healthy shifts in your ego, focus and mental space. And most importantly, your connection with others.


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