This Is Why It’s So Important To Practice Deep Breathing

So much is going on right now. Just today, my mother in law informed me of a dear family member that passed away from COVID19.

Such constant change and uncertainty has me asking …what the heck is going on?! And if we aren’t careful, we can allow this huge unknowing and increasing concern, to hit us in the chest, and rob us of all our peace and joy. 

So before we let it get the better of us…

let's take a step back. Maybe even take a seat. Now just for a few minutes…breathe.

That’s all…breathe. Take a mental hand and push everything in your mind out of the way to leave a clear space so you can focus on it. 

Okay I know you might have a mask on right now which is irritating you. But just bare with it if you can.

We must not forget the power behind this silent life source. Breathing deeply, intentionally, allows the wave of calmness to seep from our lungs into our minds and bodies. 

Deep breath is beneficial for so many things.

Here’s a few taken straight from Healthline‘s blog…

As you can see, breathing is a healing strategy to so many things.

Deep breath, for 4 seconds… Hold it for 4 seconds…Release, for 4 seconds…And do it again.  And as you do it, simply allow, yourself to ease into the calmness it brings, the perspective, and the peace.

And every time you feel your breath has become shallow, simply return to it, allowing the present moment in that breath to ground you once more. 

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