Questions For The Resilient – What is your brand uniqueness?

Personal branding would follow similar principles as any other type of branding, only we’d actually look at ourselves as an individual in place of the brand. . From this angle we can then ask ourselves the questions that really matter when it comes to what personal branding we display: do you have a strong understanding of what differentiates you from other people? And are you utilising this in the navigation of your life path?

Rosser Reeves is accredited by many for the acronym USP, which stands for Unique Selling Point. From a marketing perspective, USP says that in order for a brand to be successful, it needs to know it’s brand differentiation from it’s other competitive brands. The stronger that USP is, the more likely that brand is to be successful. Finding out your brand could help you empower your strengths which in turn can benefit your career as well as your personal growth.

Now, this is a big question and it can cause us to pause. We might even find ourselves feeling a little paralysed, unable to see how we could even discover such a complex set of qualities.
We can break this down into steps to help us digest the concept – as they say, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. 

What is my brand uniqueness?

1st Step: Identify your Personal Branding

This is the step that probably involves the most work and time, and it requires some intentional awareness and evaluation as our tools. There are three points of evaluation we can consider:

What is my brand uniqueness?

2nd Step: Make it intentional

The more intentional, passionate and excited you become about your newly found personal branding, the deeper you’ll be able to dig and as a result, the more grounded in your identity you become. This is the fun part because it ranges from the discovery of how you do your hair and dress, to how you interact with others, to how you work and show up in every area of your life.

A great way to conceptualise it is by saying, “I am the type of person that…” and then be sure to implement these actions, returning to your brand-unique qualities to guide you as much as you need to. 

what is my brand uniqueness?

3rd Step: Keep it Consistent

If you ask marketers what to do once you’ve identified your brand, they’d say you would need to strengthen your brand by marketing it, walking the talk and being consistent in displaying it. People will only really notice it when they’ve seen it displayed consistently. Same thing would go for our personal branding if we want it to be authentic and true to ourselves. The best part about this all? You can stop living in the shadow of that other persons brand uniqueness that you so wish to become and start living in your own beautiful, authentic, un-copied, un-filtered uniqueness. .

Through all of this it’s a good idea to remember there’s nothing wrong in having a little guidance here. This question can be as complex as asking yourself what your purpose in life is. It takes time, effort, and if we are lost, the help of a friend or coach can be really beneficial. Having others join you on this journey can be eye opening and might just blow a little wind in your sails when you need it.


Perhaps you’ve read through this blog and decided you don’t feel you need to develop a sense of your personal branding. But here’s the deal. Either you brand yourself, or others will brand you. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be branded.. When we brand ourselves and know who we are, it helps us to live lives that are wholesome, intentional, resilient, and enthusiastic, both in life and in our work too.

Don’t get paralysed by this question. It is daunting to most until we discover these simple yet hidden truths, after which we might be able to experience just how empowering they can be.


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