Coaching And Facilitation Experiences – The commencement of a new year

The start of a year should be a time of expectancy where rested and invigorated individuals come together and create possibilities, communicating goals and desired trophies. This was not the description of the team that entered my facilitation arena last week. Their foundation of trust and connectivity had imploded, causing management to request an intervention.

These moments or seasons of disruption and turbulence are not uncommon. Invariably all teams, somewhere, sometime experience a foundation being smashed.  These moments may become the alchemy for a new and wonderful start, where the team includes and transcends the pain, becoming wiser. Or… these moments may initiate a downward slope of increasing pain and blame.  

coaching and facilitation experiences

Facilitating a process of recovery can be tricky. Some people are emotionally engaged, some horribly hurt, and to add to this complexity, a stranger in the mix, is not always welcome. As the facilitator, the early establishment of psychological safety is therefore an imperative. Failure to create this will invariably result in a “crash and burn.” Psychological safety is that beautiful place where we don’t fear judgment, which allows people to be vulnerable and to hear others. As I waited for the team to enter, I pondered the creation of such safety and settled on the following key components.

As I waited for the team to enter the room, I pondered on the creation of such safety and settled on the following key components:

There is never a certain outcome of these facilitations, as we work with something we cannot control – human beings. But if we can create this space for them, the best possible outcome emerges. I am always grateful for how my work calls for me to be a student. After all, this life is full of unbelievably profound beauty; and so much of it is found through life’s lessons.  

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