How Do You Add Smiles To Your Journey?

About a year ago we played this game where we tried to add smiles to our journey through the day. During our game, we tried our best to bring a smile to the face of a somewhat disgruntled waitress. To be honest, we didn’t get it right. But it became a very interesting exercise.

Sure,  there are times where we need to call someone out for their behaviour, attitude, or poor service.  But very often in our daily life, we come across somebody who has a disheartened energy who’s story we do not know. In these cases, I’ve seen something as small as a warm smile and lighthearted comment have the potential to change their day.

Two thoughts for adding smiles to your journey

  1. It’s always better when people are fighting for us rather than against us. More often than we realize, that person just needs to feel supported during their tough season or bad day. I’m sure we can all relate to this, and would agree that having someone back us up helps to shed that weight.
  2.  In Ben and Ros Zander’s Book The Art Of Possibility, they talk about Rule 6, which ultimately says, “don’t take yourself so seriously.” Whenever possible, taking something that feels heavier than necessary and adding some lightness to it can be like a breath of fresh air – if it’s done maturely. This can start by simply asking, “What can I do that despite their sadness, may show this person that the world is a good place?”

Who needs you to add a smile to their journey?

The intention is very important; the desire should be to demonstrate from a place of love that there’s something worth smiling about.

I heard a story about a young lady who had just had a baby. She had developed bell’s palsy, which caused paralysis in her face. She said it was the saddest thing for her to hold her new born and feel so happy, yet not be able to express it through a smile.  

How valuable our smile is. And how we take it for granted! Do you know that on average an adult smiles 20 times a day, but a child smiles 400 times a day? 

Research suggests that smiling actually releases endorphins. 

So, if you want to add vitality and vibrancy to life you should ask yourself: am I smiling? Or am I unaware of the many moments in my day that deserve joyful expression?

And the next question is: can you get a smile out of another person?

Expressing joy is powerful. Positivity in the face of challenge is powerful. And sharing your light through warmth towards others, is a part of changing this world. 

– Gabriella Ivey

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