All our programs are tailor-made, by us.

Every process is based on a variety of researched credible sources, tried and tested processes and, of course, our own thinking. We combine it all to form practical, easy-to-apply, playful methods of progress.


With us, everybody learns from everybody.

The word “facilitate” means to ease, or to help. When we do a facilitation, we create an environment that allows us to oversee the conversations and interactions between the team. That’s our goal – to create a safe space for your team to discover and unleash their high-performing traits. Here, everybody learns from everybody. So, although we are putting the tools and materials into the circle, we create a space for sharing and conversation first. Once everyone is actively engaged, the progress is pulled into focus and the goals become achievable.


Our facilitation style is unique. We season our processes with:

We’re  able to create specific facilitation’s for your organizations needs. Our focus areas are around change, culture, high performance, effectiveness and resilience.This could be a process that’s done throughout year, or in preparation for a big project, or even a big change. Facilitation ensures that the process your team takes to get to a set goal is guaranteed to be a healthy one.

The feedback provided through our facilitation and workshops can be invaluable and insightful. For teams, managers and higher management.

The great benefit of facilitation is that your team gains a better understanding of the workplace. And of each other. This helps transform your team, into a high performing team.


We make the complex, practical.

We love intellectual works. But we realize that in the working world, what people are really wanting is to make the complex ideas and processes, as easy to apply as possible.

CAFE Life’s workshops can also be created for your specific need. Such as for a certain conference, project, issue or goal.

Our workshops aim at guiding your team while they discover. We use practical, well developed tools and processes to do this. And they’ve been used to successfully help teams for the past 15 or so years that we’ve been around.

The benefit of workshops for your team is the added knowledge that they gain on the desired focus area. This helps transform your team, into a high performing team.

Follow our YouTube Resilience Series and get a taste of what kind of work we'll be doing with you and your teams.